Fruit Smoothie versus Fruit Juice

Smoothie or Juice? I love them both. Healthy stuff, right? My favorite is Mango Smoothie. Keeps me full. What’s yours? For the past one week or so, smoothies and juices have been really occupying my thoughts.

We all at one point or another walked into a restaurant and ordered either. Over lunch hour most of the time I order for a fruit juice but end up not satisfied. The juice is usually light. This has always been the reason I preferred Smoothies they are thick and once you have had one mmmmh “you feel at home” most of you can relate.

Until recently when I started my new healthy lifestyle, I never knew that there was something amazing beyond the thickness in a smoothie and lightness in juice.

Besides Smoothies being made using a blender and Juices using a juicer, there are nutritional differences between the two.

1. Smoothies have a lot of fibre compared to Juices. Fiber helps to slow the digestion keeping you feeling fuller. This helps to stabilize blood sugar levels. The absence of fiber in fruit juice doesn’t mean it’s unhealthy. It has its benefits. Lack of fiber allows your body get more concentrated nutrients.

2. Smoothies are absorbed slowly into the blood stream. This helps in preventing sugar spikes unlike juices which can easily create blood sugar spikes especially for the diabetic people.

3. Juices are best to drink when you are not hungry. Smoothies in turn are best when you are hungry, before or after workouts.

4. For better or rapid healing go for a fruit juice. Juices can also be used as a detox unlike Smoothies.

5. For you to get enough nutrients from your Smoothie don’t just swallow it but take your time to eat it. For juices nutrients are quickly absorbed in the body.

In conclusion I believe that Smoothies and Juices both play an essential role in a healthy diet. Don’t fail to have one or both in a day. Enjoy!


The Bridge between

One, two, three; this is boring. Why am i even doing this? I quit. Its the norm. We start, stop then start again and the cycle goes on.

Good things don’t come easily. We all fail to be consistent at one point or another. We set the goals, get excited about them and take the first step. We even tell friends about the new lifestyle we have chosen. Careful that we don’t eat what we are not supposed to.

After the excitement stage is over, our ability to stay consistent is tested. Oh my! i cannot count how many times i failed this test. It was too much until one day I asked myself, “Why did i choose a healthy lifestyle? ”

Even with all the pros a healthy lifestyle has, majority of us fail to be consistent. We all want to achieve that goal. But how do we go about it?

Ways to stay consistent

1. Start with a plan

If you decide to go the healthy way, make sure you have a drafted program. Which foods to eat and which not to. Have a plan on how you will go about doing your exercises (could be gym or yoga).

2. Get a partner

It’s interesting when you have someone who challenges you. Could be a friend, relative or a spouse depending on your comfort. No one wants to let their partner down. I also don’t want to let Madam organic down. We keep tabs and encourage each other. Staying on point.

3. Set realistic goals

Remember this is not a lifestyle you are used to. Start by setting achievable goals. Example; you are used to eating all kinds of foods (junk) it will be unrealistic to stop at once and expect to stay consistent. Start by selecting what to drop and find a substitute for it.

4. Get rid of your temptation

Replace all the unhealthy foods with the healthy foods. Avoid buying or stocking junk in your house. Get healthy snacks to help you stay full. You could try rice cake very nice. I love it!

5. Form a habit

As you start on this amazing journey there are things that you will be doing more often such as exercises. Make it a lifestyle. Find what suits you best. Make it part of you.

6. Don’t rely on motivation

It’s great to have motivation, but don’t rely on it. We are not always motivated to go to the gym. I sometimes feel bored or lazy going for the yoga class but i still push myself and go. I find pride in self drive. Find that self drive and when you are not motivated push yourself and stick to the program.

7. Commitment

Bring your all. Your mind, heart, body and soul should speak one language. One step at a time. Commit to this journey even in the worst of times stay committed.

Friends the Bridge between your now and your goal is Consistency.

One step to a healthy lifestyle

I want to eat healthy!
But what about cake it’s my favorite? Not to mention crisps, ice-cream? Oh my! Will I survive aaarrgh!
Maybe I can eat them one last time and start tomorrow.
This is what goes on in my mind every time I decide to go healthy.
It is not an easy switch. I met this lady, Madam Organic is what I call her. Her eating habit is admirable. She is my inspiration. She introduced me to this amazing life of watching every little thing that goes into my body.
I thought that eating healthy meant having a boring life. I started by avoiding processed foods. My friends I don’t regret choosing the healthy/organic lifestyle.
From eating healthy to doing lots of exercises, meditation, keeping the body hydrated. Now I introduced a new lifestyle into my organic life. Yoga is amazing. Stretching, communicating with your inner self.

What to drop/reduce
1. Processed foods
2. Sugary foods
3. Oily foods
4. Red meat (reduce)
5. Junk
6. Fast foods

What to increase/add
1. Fibre
2. Greens
3. Cereals
4. Water
5. Fruits (Eat them separately)
6. Vegetables
7. Proteins (more of white meat)
8. Little intake of carbohydrates (Don’t fail to take some)
9. Keep your body active (yoga or gym)

One step at a time and I made it friends!